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Certificate of Origin

Dear Customer,

Congratulations with your new Duchess Lace jewel!

Before you start wearing it, please let us tell you more about your new possession:

We hereby certify that all stones inserted in Duchess Lace Jewels are genuine white diamonds and handset by microscope. They have been purchased from legitimate sources which are not involved in funding conflicts. Duchess Lace Jewellery diamonds are truly in compliance with United Nations Resolutions.

Your Duchess Lace jewel is unique and completely embroidered by hand with needle and tweezers following the concept of the traditional needle lace technique. It is real lace work which did not involve the intervention of machinery.

Its threads are double twisted wires ( please look at them under a magnifying glass to discover their unique pattern ) in pure Sterling Silver, a guarantee that the wires are very resistant. However, may we kindly remind you to treat your accessory with tender loving care as it is a delicate possession.

We hope your Duchess Lace jewel will sparkle up your life from here on!


With Sincere Best Wishes,

Duchess Lace Jewellery

Brussels - BELGIUM


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